Megane & Clockwork Heart

Glasses GuyI’ve been reading Ouran High School Host Club and have been amused by Kyouya, the glasses-wearing “shadow king” in the host club. I’ve also learned the proper term for his type of character.

The term for glasses-wearing male characters in manga is apparently megane, “spectacles,” and they tend to share similar characteristics: they’re intellectual; quiet; often second-in-command to a more charismatic leader; sometimes the real powers behind the throne; sometimes arrogant; and usually a little scary, because their mild manners typically conceal a ruthless streak.

I mention this because Cristof, in Clockwork Heart, is a megane. Alister’s your classically good-looking, smooth guy — the charismatic leader type — but Cristof is too tall and thin to be truly handsome, with nerdy rumpled hair and glasses. And since manga was one of CH’s inspirations, I couldn’t help giving Cris a few of the megane’s other characteristics, too….

3 Responses to Megane & Clockwork Heart

  1. I recently read CH, and it has become my all time favorite peice of steampunk literature! Stumbling across this page forced me to realize why I love Cristof so much…he really does remind me of Kyouya! Can’t wait for the sequel!

  2. Woo-hoo! A fellow fan! It’s so nice to meet a kindred spirit. :-) Thanks for the good words about CH!

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