Cover Draft for Das mechanische Herz

Oliver Graute, the art director for Feder & Schwert, kindly sent me this preliminary draft of Clockwork Heart‘s German cover to show around! I’m delighted to see that they were able to work with Timothy Lantz’s gorgeous artwork — be sure to check out Lantz’s website Stygian Darkness, if you haven’t already.

Das mechanische Herz

and here’s a little back-cover art, too; scary but cool….!

Das mechanische Herz Back Cover Art

One Response to Cover Draft for Das mechanische Herz

  1. Well, I already bought the US version, so I’m not buying this again, but I’m so glad Germany is getting the book with a true-to-book cover – considering the muddle they’re making out of Scalzi’s covers, for example. Not to mention that the cover remains gorgeous in and of itself.