An Agreement With Hell is Going Out of Print

AAWHsmall_largeMy horror novel An Agreement with Hell is going out of print, so this is your last chance to grab an ebook or trade paperback from Apex Publications! You can order your copy here — use the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner to choose the format you prefer.

In the divine struggle between good and evil, humans are hardly noticeable to the mal’akhim, but when an ancient seal is broken on the grounds of a California college campus, beings from dimensions beyond the balance of holy and unholy erupt from the earth. A retired priest and an ailing magickian must trust the mysterious Walker Between the Worlds and his skin-eating demon familiar as they step through Heisenbergian passages of probability and battle forces that are so far beyond demon they cannot be fully seen in earthly dimensions. Amidst the earthquakes and interdimensional intruders, the students and staff of California Hills University step across the boundaries of their knowledge and faith, revealing their true natures as the night erupts in earth and blood.

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