Goodreads-iconSo, let’s see. I started logging the books I’ve read into Goodreads on March 2014.  Since then I’ve read 253 books (this is not counting the books I started and put down as too bad to finish and a handful of short free ebooks that didn’t seem worth the effort of writing down), for about 25 books a month. Yeah, that seems about right….

Keeping track of my day-t0-day reading has been an interesting life experiment, but as part of my effort to simplify my to-dos and focus on my writing, I’m going to stop recording everything I read and adding it to my Goodreads bookshelves. I’ll continue to update Goodreads whenever I’ve read something that I feel strongly enough about to recommend to others, but I’m no longer going to keep updating it with every new book I’ve finished. I  hope you’ll understand and forgive me — and not assume that what you see on my Goodreads shelves continues to represent my regular reading habits!

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