Daily Loss

tao_circle_black_400x400Pursue knowledge, daily gain
Pursue Tao, daily loss

Tao De Ching

As a professor, my head is often too full — reading books and accumulating knowledge is part of my profession, and I can’t easily call a halt to it at this point in my career, although I have been growing more particular about what I choose to put into my head.

As a person seeking simplicity, I keep attempting to pare down, to lose.

I have been deleting more and more of my past posts on this blog. Most of them simply tracked my progress as a writer — sales, rejections, marketing issues. Who cares, now, about what stories I sold eight years ago?

Whenever I take another really significant step toward simplification, I feel a moment’s nausea as a lifetime of social conditioning rebels against the thought of letting go. I wonder when I will finally be able to let go in peace?

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