An Agreement With Hell, Revisited!

An Agreement with Hell Cover

An Agreement With Hell, Revisited!

An Agreement with Hell has been out of print for a couple of years now, and since the rights were returned to me, I’m planning to put it on Kindle soon. Its fantastic new cover here was designed and realized by Rebecca Poole of Dreams2media! The dapper gentleman on the cover is Professor Edward Todd….

And the third man, the third man was nothing but a deep tunnel, a human-shaped doorway into the limis, with a devil looming over and behind him, its dark wings covering him and its toothed beak leering in mockery.

“Hellbender,” Penemue hissed with recognition. The Watcher had heard of this creature, this Edward Todd, whose true nature it could discern only now that it had regained the selective sight of the mal’akhim—Todd was the Walker Between the Worlds, the man who mocked both heaven and hell. “What have you brought upon us?”

The Walker’s figure moved forward, his torn silhouette filled with shifting doors and staircases, bridges and tunnels, walls and arches. He reached inside of himself to bring forth another wall, this one of sigil-covered silver that hummed and rang like a bell. The diabolic shadow behind him flinched away as the Walker thrust the wall between them.


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