About Dru

Dru as courtesan lounging with Carnivale mask as fire burns in windows beyond

As a child I discovered that I was happier alone than with others. Words were my best friends, and the secluded laboratory-fortress in which I exercised my imagination was constructed of typewriter keys, paper, and ink. Within its protective walls I created and destroyed individuals, civilizations, and entire worlds — a practice I’ve learned to share with others as a tabletop game master and published writer. Still, on the whole, I remain more comfortable alone with the written word … and maybe a reptile or two.

I can be emailed at my name at gmail dot com.

Watercolor of Dru © 2011 Terry Spehar-Fahey. Used with permission.

More Spehar-Fahey portraits of yours truly….
And a painting by Harold Muliadi that features Terry (R) and me (L):coolconjunction
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