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Dru as courtesan lounging with Carnivale mask as fire burns in windows beyond

Let’s tell stories and call on myths.

Astrologically I am Sagittarius, sign of the arrow; first decan, the 8 of wands, sometimes depicted flying through the air as if they were arrows; isa, the ice-rune, a single vertical line, like an arrow, like a wand.

Sagittarius, fire-sign; born in the year of the Black Fire Horse, running independent and free. AFAB, a birth-cursed hinoeuma, dangerous and headstrong. My tarot suit is wands, a suit of fire and salamanders, one of my three cards the horse-riding Knight of Wands, fire trebled, horse trebeled, independence trebeled.

I was born on November under the constellation Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer, my O-negative blood the heritage of the Annunaki, the Reptilians, from the Draco system, and like a dragon I am both cold-blooded (isa/ice) but fire-breathing (fire-sign).

I am a freedom-loving intellectual, one minor arcana card the Knight of Wands, restlessly charging forward, and the other the Eight of Wands, flying toward that final goal or destination; one of my guardian angels is Advachiel the Wanderer. I am a nonbinary Sagittarius, the twin-bodied, part human and part animal, my major arcana card Temperance also the intermingling of two things, the genderless angel standing on earth and on water, the contents of two cups intermingled, Temperance and the other angel Raguel keeping me in harmony despite my constant restlessness, one of the reasons I practice Buddhism, to maintain that middle way.

My totem is lizard; my Mayan sign Cib/Ajmaq, my Atzec sign cozcaquautli, the vulture (number 16, two 8s like my wands, a doubling), introspective, focused on cleansing and re-using, vulture’s planet is the Sun and its divinity Itzpapálotl the clawed butterfly, skeleton goddess with butterfly wings, associated with birds and fire, another threat to men like the hineouma, fire quadrupled. My galactic tone is 2 — decisions, defiance, “You feel separate yet you desire to unite with all”; trecana Men/Tz’kin, eagle, independent, critical, visionary, a traveler. My numerology life path number is 8 again, the leader and teacher, financially successful, challenged to achieve detachment; my Chinese zodiac lucky numbers 4 and 9. Four (shi, in Japanese — also, death) has always intimidated me — I’ve always preferred multiples of 3, with 9 being 3×3 the best of all.

Astrology, numerology, tarot … narratives, symbol-systems, providing a mythical framework within which to tell a story, and I am a story-teller. I take pleasure in finding the similarities and synchronicities and building a tale around them, dismissing the awkward corners and assertions the way I’d edit them out of a manuscript I was revising. So I pluck these threads and weave from them a garment to wear, a black garment suitable for travelers and scholars of indeterminate origin and gender, its cold and stark hue a deterrent to strangers but at the same time quick to absorb the heat under the sun or beside a fire, allowing my lizard soul to rest in those moments, warm and content.

I can be emailed at my name at gmail dot com.

Watercolor of Dru © 2011 Terry Spehar-Fahey. Used with permission.

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