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Writing About Mad Scientists

My fiction writing has been temporarily put on hold as I make a concerted push to finish up a book chapter about the evolution of the female mad scientist, with special attention paid to her portrayal in steampunk webcomics. ….Why yes, I do love being a tenured professor and researching whatever the heck I want…! […]


Superhero Love

Last Friday the New York Times published “Out of the Closet and Up, Up and Away” about Skin Tight USA at the Stonewall Inn in West Village. The Skin Tight party — in which the costumes range from the familiar (like Spider-Man) to ones that only a comics geek would recognize (like the 1993 version […]


Yaoi Timeline: Spread Through U.S.

This is a first attempt at tracking the spread of boys’ love through the U.S., and I’d like readers’ revisions and additions; if you’ll make ’em in Comments, I’ll update this page accordingly. Thanks to all of you who have contributed! I’m primarily looking at official releases, although I’ll welcome information about “underground” releases — […]

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