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Adventure Writing: The Focus

Writing a good adventure isn’t easy. There are, after all, only a limited number of plots one can work with—plots that have been recycled from the most ancient legend to the most recent TV show. The trick is to take one of these timeworn plots and make it fresh and original. But first … you […]


Cussing in Character

There are three general categories of cursing, none of which is mutually exclusive: (1) Appealing to a higher power to harm the enemy; (2) invoking a bad fate upon the enemy; and (3) comparing the enemy to something culturally taboo. By “enemy” I mean whatever has provoked the character to swear—a lost sword, a recalcitrant […]


Player Cheating

There are three basic motives for cheating: (1) The desire to “win,” (2) the desire to be better than other characters and (3) the desire to save a character from death. Motive The desire to “win” This is a motive most common to new players, especially those who have been suckled on video games where […]


What a Character!

You’re sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by dice, books, and paper. You’ve just written down your new character’s vital statistics, you’ve come up with a name, and maybe you’ve even given your character a personality flaw after reading “The Joys of Imperfection.” Now what? The game is tomorrow at noon. What else can you […]


How to Host the Perfect Game

Cleaning House The first thing you’re going to be concerned about before hosting your little RPG soiree is the condition of your house, apartment, or half a dorm room. For most gamers, nothing short of an emergency call to Merry Maids Cleaning Service will do—and tell them to bring their haz-mat suits. If you can’t […]


The Joys of Imperfection

Perfection. Excellence. Superiority. To be unparalleled. To be sans peur et sans reproche. To be boring. When you create a character, you probably do the same thing everybody else does—start with a vague character conception, choose race and class, roll dice for statistics, assign points or proficiencies, and finally settle on a name and sketch […]

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