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Against VictOrientalism

Jha’s Silver Goggles/ SteamPunk Magazine article “Countering Victorientalism” (SPM version here), and a related post by Ay-Leen, “The Semantics of Words & the Antics of Fashion: Addressing ‘Victorientalism‘” at Beyond Victoriana, have been the subject of some very interesting and controversial discussion in comments. I’ve already recommended Jha’s articles on this blog with regard to […]

Execution Right of Rule

Executioners in Germany

I’m back and finally ready to post something on this blog again! Sorry that it took me a while to get into gear again… My trip to Germany was sponsored by my Lutheran university’s “Reformation Heritage Seminar,” a semester of lectures and presentations and then nearly two weeks in the former East Germany visiting various […]


Why Aren’t We Dancing?

 “What is socially peripheral may be symbolically central.” — Stallybrass & White, Politics and Poetics of Transgression A call to steampunk: 1913, Vienna: “Some ladies appeared as balance sheets, displaying voluptuous debits curving from slender credits. Others came as inflated collateral: faux enhancements amplified the bust or upholstered the posterior. As for the gentlemen, thin […]

Clockwork Heart

Reader Art for Clockwork Heart

Silver Lake Design graphic artist Matthew Silber was kind enough to give me permission to show everyone the cover he designed after reading Clockwork Heart. He says about it, “I felt compelled to illustrate Taya in her icarus flight gear. I hoped to capture the setting of Ondinium with its industrial structures in the background, […]

Short Stories Write

Fictional Memory

(I whipped this up for a friend over at LJ who tagged me with “make up a fictional memory about us.”) I don’t really like to think too much about that night. We were drinking too hard, Coz, you, Jeff, and me, down on Hollywood Boulevard. Dressed in our best scrounged-from-the-closet leather and gothy lace, […]

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