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…And here’s another fantastic drawing for Right of Rule from Candela Riveros! This character is Nathapala, the ysura who lives in Katakot (you can find his lair on the city map) and oversees the realm of si’Urai…. The question of to whom he will grant right of rule when the realm’s former leader dies gives […]

Right of Rule Write

Katakot Bestiary

Australian artist Candela Riveros has sent me the first few sketches of various beasts and inhuman characters in my work-in-progress, Right of Rule! This is a rukh, an avialan (dinosaur proto-bird) standing on one of the skulls spiked on the nine sacred iron arches that stand over Lamentation Square in Katakot…. I’ll be adding more […]

Right of Rule Write

Katakot Map

This the city in which my novel-in-progress is set — Katakot. I never seemed to need a map for Ondinium, in the Clockwork Heart trilogy, but Right of Rule is deeply embedded in the city, with the characters doing a lot of traveling around and referencing of locations. My rough-draft readers told me they were […]

Execution Right of Rule

Executioners in Germany

I’m back and finally ready to post something on this blog again! Sorry that it took me a while to get into gear again… My trip to Germany was sponsored by my Lutheran university’s “Reformation Heritage Seminar,” a semester of lectures and presentations and then nearly two weeks in the former East Germany visiting various […]

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