Fear of the Unknown

cover_300ppiIn 2006 The Harrow produced Fear of the Unknown, published by Echelon Press. The proceeds from this book were donated to bone cancer research. Buy on Amazon.Com.

Kfir Luzzatto & Monica O’Rourke
Anthology Editors

Jason Nolan
Art Editor


Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The God of Dust
Michael R Colangelo
Illustrated by Sarah Smiles

The Last Vintage
Druann L. Pagliassotti
Illustrated by Krista Cagg

Don’t Look Back
Christine Morgan
Illustrated by Brittany Nugent

Mask and Blade
Paul Finch
Illustrated by Byron Winton

O Death, Where Is Thy Spatula?
Poppy Z. Brite
Illustrated by Arthur Davis Broughton

Sealed With a Kiss
Owl Goingback
Illustrated by Yifat Shaik

J. M. Heluk
Illustrated by Kenneth Emig

Sing a Song of Sixth Sense
Patricia Lee Macomber
& David Niall Wilson
Illustrated by Maki Horanai

Hither Green
Matthew Brolly
Illustrated by Alexander Gabriel

The Compound
Mark Dunn
Illustrated by Stormi Kahn

Internal Affairs
Teri Lucia
Illustrated by GAK

Infections of its Taboo
Teri A. Jacobs
Illustrated by Joanne Taylor

The Box
Jack Ketchum
Illustrated by Lilach Luzzatto

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