Mortis Operandi

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Kfir Luzzatto & Dru Pagliassotti


Some Favor Fire
Lane Robins

Krug’s Pen
Erik T. Johnson

The Doom That Came to Al Capone
David Bernard

Last Call
‘Nathan Burgoine

Memories, Freestyle
Samantha Mills

All the Many Ways We Burn
John Bowker

The Man in the Mirror
Steven W. Alloway

Once a Chekist
Leigh Kimmel

Christine Rains

The Trouble with Captain Justice
Steve Chapman

Turnabout Is Fair Play
Jennifer Rachel Baumer

The Death Detective
Resa Nelson

The Lady in Fur
Allison Sakaida

The Art of Dancing Naked
Chuck Rothman

Dead to Rights
Rebecca Roque

The Patron Saint of Walking Ghosts
Michelle Scalise

Cover by Leah Jay.

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